In a modern day society where a host of diverse information is given to us through the media it becomes increasingly important to find a simple yet effective principle of life that will, on adoption, gradually safeguard us from erring and help us in all spheres of life, from social and material wellbeing to health and spiritual development. An effective mantra is such a principle.

Practiced with earnestness, dedication, effort and faith it will gradually filter into the bloodstream of our lives and help us in all aspects of everyday life. Slowly but assuredly it will filter out from our minds troublesome and unwanted thoughts, ease our minds and gradually promote mental balance and steadiness. It will also, miraculously, cleanse our body by slowly purifying our internal cells and organs, curing illness, disorder and disease, leading to a purer, healthier body.

By increased faith and continuous chanting of a mantra we will also be ‘guided’ by the inmost depths of our being in a sort of ‘spiritual’ way to perform our daily chores and duties with relative ease, relieving us of stress, anxiety, worry and undue upset and disappointment over trivial matters and words of day-to-day living.

The principle function of a mantra is to harmonise and balance the different threads of the mind over time and achieve inner peace, tranquility and well being of the complete self, leading us ultimately to spiritual awareness.

One of the greatest merits of a mantra is its innocent and naive simplicity and yet miraculous performance, whilst at the same time being universally practicable by all beings of all ages and in all circumstances of life. Provided one is alive and capable of a little thought and exercise a degree of will, the mantra practice is open to you. Over time, it will help achieve results in any sphere of life, from achievement in education, sport and profession to yoga, meditation and spiritual enhancement.

A mantra will also take the worry away from earring on adopting wrong principles of life from the many diverse and conflicting information fed to us through the media as well as through professional writing and discourse.

A mantra is the very essence of a complete spiritual fulfilment of life. Yet it is so beautifully simple.